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This page provides links to my book reviews. If you’re looking for inspiration or even validation of your own adventurous spirit, there’s no better way that to immerse yourself in the stories of others who have been there and survived to write the book. I have reviewed a number of books about adventuring. If you want to know more about the books click on the “Read Review” button.

King of the Cape by Roy Kunda

This book is an entertaining story that tells you what it means to be an adventure rider. It give some great advice from catching a Barra to riding creeks. It’s written by one of the great adventure riders of Cape York. Click on the button below to read this review:

Cape York

Dirt and Dust by Amelia and Riley Olsen

Dirt to dust is a travel story that takes you on an emotional motorcycle journey to Cape York. It is written through the eyes of Amelia’s 18 year old son as he comes to grips with his fathers suicide. Click on the button below to read my book reviews:

Book review - dirt and dust

Muriel the Medicycle by Rick Carey

Rick travels on his Royal Enfield Bullet “Peggy Pegasus” from New South Wales to the Kimberley in Northern West Australia and back. Along the way he meets interesting characters, fellow bikers and grey nomads. His mission to provide first aid treatment to Aboriginals on the outskirts of their communities. Click the button below to read my book reviews:

Muriel the Medicycle

Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon

If there is one adventure book that every biker should read it is it. Hearlded as the inspiration for Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGreggor’s doco/film the “Long way down”. Ted Simon takes you on a journey across inhospitable lands and dirt tracks of Africa, the Americas and Australia. It is the motorcycle adventure of a life time that plays in this four year motorcycle odyssey around the word. Click on the button below to read my book review:

Dreaming of Jupiter by Ted Simon

Ted Simon’s life has fallen into that comfort zone he travels from bike show to rally and meets people who he has inspired through his first book “Jupiters Travels”, His son has grown up and is following his own path. At 69 years old Ted feels a pull to go back and see if he can relive some of his past. Knowing that things will have changed. If he doesn’t go back now he might never do so and questions whether he has what it takes to do such a monumental journey. This book takes us back with “Jupiter” to see what has changed in the world. Click the button below to read my book review:

Book Review

Too far Gone by Todd Blubaugh

This is a biker’s story about traveling across the USA. It is in the genre of the movie “Easy Rider” (without the drug reference and the ending). This is a beautifully photographed and written account of a young man’s travels through the USA on an old Harley Davidson. A collectors coffee table book with an excellent story. Click on the button below to read my book reviews:

Going the wrong way by Chris Donaldson

It took Chris Donaldson over twenty years to write this book. His journey has soo many similarities to Ted Simon “Jupiter’s Travels” that they could almost have been traveling buddies. However, Chris is younger and Irish and comes from the war torn Catholic neighbourhood of the 1970 and sets out to travel the world. He takes the wrong bike, has the wrong tyres, goes the wrong way and meets the wrong people, but seems to not only survive but thrive on the road. This is a raw look at the naivety of young people traveling. Well worth a read. Click the button below to read my book reviews:

Book Review Going the wrong way

Hunting Fear by Benji Brundin

Benji Brundin was a conflicted man doing his best to survive in a turbulent world when the rug was pulled out from under his feet. His business collapsed, his wife left him and he had no where to go. So he bought an old van and a small motorbike and headed west. This is the story of how he and his motorbike bought his life back together. It’s well worth reading because I think the concept of “Hunting Fear” has alway been at the back of the adventure riders mind. Click on the button below to read my reviews:

Book Review Hunting Fear

Endurance by Toby Price

Anybody in the motorcycle game knows who Toby Price. He’s two time winner of the Dakar Rally, Australian Off-Road Champion and International Enduro Racing World Champion. He has 29. major title wins including winning the Finke Desert Race eight times. If you want to know what it takes to be the best in the hard hitting sport of Enduro racing, read this book. Click the link below to read my reviews:

Book Review Endurance by Toby Price

Two Wheels South by Matias Corea

Many people dream of taking the ultimate motorcycle tour through Central and South America. This book is a beautifully presented coffee table book highlighting not only the stunning landscape of the Central and South American country side, but the rich cultures of the people they meet along the way. It is a beautifully illustrated example of a motorcycle adventure. Stunning photos with an equally stunning narrative. Click on the button below to read my book reviews:

Book Review Two Wheels South

Explore Cape York by Tracy Sands

Cape York is a bucklist destination for many adventurous Australians. In this book Tracy give a clear and descriptive narrative on the places to visit, where to camp and how to get there. It is a must have manual for anyone planning a trip to the Cape. You can read my review by clicking on the button below. There is a link to Tracy’s page if you want to buy the book.