Why is it called the Outback? is a travel story about riding an adventure bike around Queensland, it's the people you meet, the adversary you overcome and the self-reliance you develop along your journey that can change your life and teach you the one important secret we are all looking for.

It will change the way you think


It was a humid summer night, the air was thick with moisture, and sweat was forming on the back of my neck when I hatched a plan to ride a motorcycle around Queensland. There were a few problems to overcome like, not owning a motorcycle and not having a licence to ride one. All I knew for sure was that life was going in the wrong direction, and something had to change. I kept having this vision of jamming a stapler up the boss’s arse, it’s not his fault. We all seem to be working in a drone-like environment where sensibility has gone out the window and it’s more important to have a gender pronoun than to be a productive cooperative worker. A motorcycle trip seemed like a good idea at the time and a solution to my quickly declining mental health.

Inspired by a rerun of “City Slicker” and Curly’s one-finger salute to the secret of life, I acquired the resources, learnt to ride a motorcycle again and set off for a solo 30-day camping tour around Queensland. I went searching for a different view of the world one with traditional values of mateship and hard work, the old fun-loving larikin Australia.

Why is it called the Outback? addresses this question and many more, it’s a travel journal about riding a motorcycle around Queensland, meeting locals, learning about the history of the place and discovering yourself along the way. It’s my hope this book inspires you to get on the road, get away from your nine-to-five job and appreciate the beauty in life before it’s too late. Along the way, I guarantee you will experience the “WOW Factors” and “Moments” that take your breath away and make you feel alive.

Motorcycles can’t by themselves build your resilience or change your mindset, it’s the people you meet, the adversity you overcome and the self-reliance you develop along the journey that does that. Motorcycles are the vehicle that takes you on the adventure. If you get on your bike, and twist the throttle, it won’t be long until you know what Curly meant when he raised his finger to the secret of life.

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