Swaggies Gear Guide

Biolite 2 Camping Stove

The Biolite 2 Stove is a Swiss Army knife of cooking equipment. Not only is it a small efficient fire pit, but it can boil a litre of water in 7 minutes and charge your GoPro batteries. I took my Biolite 2 Stove on a 7000 kilometre journey around Queensland. The Biolite Stove is well made and easy to care for. It is fuelled by twigs and small branches. The system is easier to pack away than the average small gas canister and stove. Follow the link below to read my full review of this amazing cooking, camp fire, battery charging camping tool.

BeadRider Seat Covers

Beaded Rider Seat

Riding for any length of time on a motor cycle can cause soreness in your backside, butt or arse (take your pick). There are many solutions to this, and old timers will say “Just harden up, you’ll get used to it”. But what if you don’t or you don’t ride enough to “harden up”. The solutions include switching out your seat for a more comfortable one, getting an air pillow or sheep skin seat cover or putting on a small but innovative beaded patch over the area of the seat you are sitting on. This review looks at installing a “Beadrider” seat cover. Check out my blog post for a detailed story on this little bit of innovation.

Goal Zero Power Supply

When you’re on an adventure now adays power to all your recording equipment and emergency devices is critical to not only your connection with family and friends but to the world in general. There are a number of considerations that need to be thought about when designing and purchasing a system to power this equipment. I had specific needs that revolved around having a light weight but water proof system to generate and store power. I chose the Goal Zero products. Read the following review to get my thoughts on this system.

Black Wolf Wasp UL 2

If you have ever struggled with that nagging self doubt about which tent to buy to replace your much loved but leaking 30 year old shelter, let me help you. Trust me when I say “I feel your pain”, this is what I had to do recently for a 30 solo motorcycle camping trip around Queensland. To put this into perspective, I actually own about six tents currently, but only one was capable of being carried on my bike or in a back pack. When getting my gear ready for the previously mentioned trip I got the sprinkler out and put it on the tent, to say I had a stream of water running through under my stretcher would be an understatement. It was a full on river with associated rapids has the water hit the legs of the stretcher. So I set off in search of a trusted alternative. I ended up buying a Black Wolf Wasp UL Two Person tent. In this review I talk about my decision making process and what I think of this tent.

Five things you need to know before buying a tent

Camp site 1770

‘There are five things you need to know before buying a tent. These things will make your purchase decision easier, ensure you get the right tent for the type of camping you intent to do and save you money. I recently brought a new tent for motorcycle camping.

Jetboil Flash

The Jetboil Flash in a useful and unique camp cooking concept. It is well worth looking at if you’re interested in improving you water boiling process or if you want a unique easily packed and simple cooking solution. Check out my review.

Helinox vs Outrak Camp Chairs

camp chair

Camping chairs are an essential bit of kit if you’re planning an extended camping trip in the Outback or for that matter anywhere near a beach. But what is the best chair for your needs and relaxing comfort? In this review I look at two chairs almost identical and explore why one costs $149.90 and the other $69.90. This review compares more than just costs. I hope it helps with your decision making.

360 Furmo Gas Stove

360 Furmo Gas Stove

Finding the right gas stove for your adventure is never an easy straight forward thing to do. Prices for stoves can range between $20.0 to over $300. The 360 Furmo Gas Stove package is a mid range stove that will suffice for the majority of adventures. Read this review to learn more about this easily transportable gas stove.