Too far gone is a raw and honest photo journal of a motorcycle tour across the USA. There is something raw and honest about a black and white photo. They seem to remove all the extraneous clutter from the photo and allow you to focus on the key message. T

Wound into this photo extravaganza is a compelling narrative of a young man’s struggle to come to grips with the death of his parents. At a time when he is trying to understand where he fits in the world. In his quest to understand his role in society and experience the real USA, he travels across the country. At times camping in old run down houses, with fellow bikers and with friends. He visits stunning places, and meets the “Real America”. He introduces the read to the real bikers of the USA.

The Author/Photographer

Todd Blubaugh is a professional photographer and artist, which shows in his photos and composition. His bike of choice is a 1943 Harley Davidson which he built himself. He calls it “Red Head”. 

Too far gone is a motorcycle travel book that follows Todd journey of discovery from a desire to leave home for a better place. As he travels through the USA he meets people, finds love and friendship and discovers that home means different things to different people. When he gets to the end and realises that home is not a place but a collection of memories, people and space. 

Worth the price

If this book was just a photo exposition by itself it would be spectacular, but Todd has weaved a heart felt narrative through the book and created an amazing piece of art. As an adventure rider I read a lot about going off road or adventuring around the planet. But this book is a simple road trip about a biker’s journey, looking for a place to call home.

This book is worth the money. If you’re like you’ll want to keep it in on your office table. Every now and then you pick it up and rejoice in the pictures and story. Well worth buying.

Published by Gingko Press in association with Belle & Wissell Editions


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