digital Swaggie

digital Swaggie

digital Swaggie came into being one night when I was pondering the meaning of life, while sipping on a red wine, listening to some old blues music.

What is the cost of freedom?

The “Swaggie” of bush lore is always portrayed as an old bloke with a white beard, down on his luck living under the stars and carrying all his possessions in a small roll of canvas. Some say he was a hobo, going from job to job. It’s easy to see him as that, others say he was just a person trying to make a living in an economically depressed country.

Why “Swaggie”?

But I think the “Swaggie” was a man who made a choice, to travel free, to live off the land, and to live his life as he wanted. Work for the “Swaggie” was a means to an end, that end was to be free. He didn’t care about financial success or material possessions, it was the journey not the destination.

digital Swaggie is the reincarnation of that dream of freedom. I’ve recruited a friend to share some of my travels, his name is “Emu”. Emu is a KLR650 motorbike and together we wonder the beaches and the outback roads looking for stories to share with you.

Who am I?

I’m a educator, travel writer, adventurer and motorcycle enthusiast. I’ve climbed mountains, skied glaciers, crawled into caves and SCUBA dived on ship wrecks and on the Great Barrier Reef. My name is Gary and this is my adventure journal “”.

I hope my stories might inspire you to take up your own adventure. Remember, life is a Journey not a Destination and there are no prizes for getting to the finish line first.  Live an adventurous life and hopefully I’ll see you out there.

Cheers – digitalSwaggie:)